How to prepare yourself for a portrait shoot with me

Taking pictures can be nerve-wracking at times. Especially if you haven’t had the opportunity to take photos before with a professional photographer. I created a portrait guide to help clients be best prepared to take photos with me. I wanted to create this because there have been a few hiccups with past clients that I believe could have been prevented if they had followed my advice. I want my clients to be completely in love and satisfied with their final deliverables. This booklet will be given to them when they pay their deposit and sign their contract with me.

In regards to creating a portrait guide booklet, I got the idea from I love how she made her guide match her branding and her editing style. Her guide is so simple and easy that I wanted to make something that would match my branding.

To create this, I first had to figure out what type of content I wanted to showcase. Obviously, I wanted to show my past work but I also wanted to show what I could do. I thought about some of the struggles I have had in the past with clients and talked with fellow photographer friends of mine about the struggles they have had. I came up with the conclusion that I wanted the following information: the color scheme of the photo in reference to potential outfits, poses and prompts, and my favorite locations to photograph people. These are all things to think about when taking portrait shots.

To showcase what I could do, I planed 5 photoshoots: an engagement session, a sport portrait session, 2 headshots, and senior portrait photos. Posts for these will be on my website soon. I chose these types of photoshoots because I wanted to show my versatility with a camera.

Something I love about taking portraits is the versatility it allows. One of my favorite photographers is Annie Leibovitz. I love how she has the ability to tell a story with her portraits.

Please let me know what you think in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.